On Storytelling

2 Apr

There are a lot of different types of writers in this world: some excel at world building or creating memorable characters or interesting plotting or a specific mood but, my favorite type of writer is a storyteller.

I was thinking about the storyteller as I was watching the SF Giants-LA Dodgers game and listening to Vin Scully. Scully isn’t a commentator or an analyst or a play by play guy. Vin Scully is a storyteller which is what makes him so unique among baseball announcers.

I complain about George RR Martin a lot. I complain about the 200 pages worth of food descriptions per book, the seeming love of killing every character ever and the fact that the wait between books is an eternity but one thing keeps me reading ASOIAF. The fact is, that GRRM, like Scully, is a storyteller.

A great storyteller manages to combine all the techniques of writing and create something even greater. Storytellers elucidate what happens. They don’t show or tell but create a sense that the reader (or listener) is living in the moment.

Storytellers aren’t perfect but they are a little bit magical. They create an experience that transcends the medium that they work in.


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